Abandoned Amusement Parks:

Yongma, South Korea: Built in 1980, and it had a strong running right up into the early 2000’s. By 2011, it closed its doors. Rumors of hauntings arose during the close down, but more than likely this was just a way to bring folks back in.  Now, the owners are still turning a profit, offering a tour of the old abandoned park for 30,000 Won.

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 Williams Grove Amusement Park; Pennsylvania:  Starting way way back in 1850, this family theme park grew over time from a place to go have picnics, to what it turned into later on. In 2005, due to the Hughes family turning towards their speedway next door, which was more profitable, it sadly closed its doors. It has been for sale, but still sits vacant.


Lake Shawnee Amusement Park; West Virginia: So here’s a fun story.  This area has had killings and murders happen onsite before the Park was even built. Built on the grounds of the Clay Family Massacre, where native Americans kidnapped and killed the family, this park sprang up some 30 years later in 1926. It closed in 1966, and it sits, dilapidated and forgotten in the ruins of history.


Fun town Mountain; Kentucky: Located across from mammoth Cave, this poor park suffered more than one fail.  Known as Gun town originally, it opened in 1969.  It closed its doors in 2013, but someone had hope in resurrecting it, and purchased with the intent of rebranding.  This failed, and a half ass opening was staged in 2015, but failed.


Bois Blanc Island, Ontario: Opening in 1898, this was a traditional old time park with organ music, clowns, the whole spiel.  For 100 yrs it was only accessible by ferry. The dance hall was sponsored by Henry Ford, and was one of the largest in the day, housing 5,000 dancers at a time. It closed its gates sadly in 1993.

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Ho Thuy Tien Water park; Vietnam: Opening in 2004 with a whopping price tag of 3,000,000.00, this park was awe inspiring from the get-go, with the giant three story Dragon shaped aquarium. Due to money troubles and bad management, the park closed in 2013.  Now, it almost exists as a legend, where the location is passed on by word of mouth and cannot be easily reached.

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Santa Claus, Arizona: Kind of out of its place, this “Santa” themed park opened near Kingman, AZ in 1937. Never really catching on, mainly because its hard to celebrate Santa Claus and Christmas when its 102 degrees outside.

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Bedrock City; Williams Arizona:  Joining the bandwagon of a bunch of “Flintstone” themed parks in the 70’s, Bedrock city was opened. On over 340 acres, now it sits for sale for 2,000,000.00.

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Pripyat Amusement Park; Ukraine: It was started to be built to help keep the people who were working at the now defunct Chernobyl plant happy and families together.  Sadly, it was slated to be open on May 1st, 1986, but due to the horrific nuclear accident just weeks before on April 26th, the only use it served was the one day it was used to house families as they escaped during the meltdown disaster.  

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Holy Land USA; Waterbury Connecticut: in the early 1950’s a guy by the name of John Baptist Greco, decided to open a Bethlehem themed religious park, and had almost 50,000 people a year visited by the 60’s.  John died in 1986 and the park went south soon after, not to add that in 2010, a pregnant woman was murdered there….so there’s that.

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Leisure Land; Tohoku Japan: known to be haunted and cursed, this theme park opened in 1979 and closed in 2000.  Still being used to document the ancient curse attached to it, as well as all the weird stuff happening.

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Gulliver’s Kingdom; Japan:  Last but not least, is Gulliver’s Kingdom.  Several things caused this Park to be shut down and almost completely demolished. First off, it was built right next to the infamous Suicide Forest. Second, it was adjacent to the village that housed the famous Japanese doomsday cult, Aum Shinriyko. Opened in 1997, closed eerily and early in 2001.


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