“Why aren’t Ghosts Naked?  And other fun stuff….”


     So, a funny thing happens when you are part of something that brings you in touch with other people, and other points of view.  Last year, I started this Podcast Journey, and in the mix of trying to put out content, (Hopefully good content), a person by the name of…lets call him Chris, mainly since his name is…. well, Chris.  Anyhoo, since last September, we have become great friends.  And of course, in the process of becoming great friends, we have had many a late-night discussion on every topic, ranging from basic Podcast talk, to some Paranormal ball’ busting’ back and forth.  Not to long ago, we had a conversation on Ghosts.  Started basic, but he brought up a very good question.  He explained that its not the fact that he doesn’t completely believe in Ghosts in general.   It’s the fact that, if there are so said apparitions that go “bump” in the night, why then are they wearing clothes’?  So, at first, I laughed.  Laughed out loud actually.  I thought, man I know this guy, but he must be fucking with me?! The sad truth came shortly after, that not only was he somewhat serious, but it got me to thinking as well.  Why DO ghosts wear clothes?  So that leads us to today’s topic, as we go down the proverbial “Rabbit Hole”.

Open the Gates…

I have studied the topic of Ghosts, apparitions, and other paranormal phenomena most of my life.  Of course, the theory of Paranormal in general is mainly theories that people have, no concrete evidence of yet.  It is very difficult to hypothesize theories on a topic that the mainstream population for the most part, calls a load of Bullshit.  The positive thing is that the people who have experienced said phenomena are steadfast in the belief that something is out there.  And thank god some individuals who have experienced “a touch of strange”, are Doctors, scientists, etc.…. people who have some legitimate backing to be able to study experiences.  The more that happens, and the more that we work towards science and discovery, the closer we become to documenting…correctly… Spirits.  I always wondered whether the right thing to do was call Parapsychology a science.  On one hand, I’m grateful that it is included as a science, where it has some legitimate backing and brushes away a lot of the “hocus Pocus” that some people lump it into.  On the other hand, it has yet to be proven as a science. With that being said, it is truly amazing and admirable to know that Paranormal investigators throughout the years, have Hodged podged together proper equipment, proper training, proper procedures and a frame of mind, to the world of the paranormal.


I know for a fact, that something is not right with the world.  First hand experiences, along with close friends that I know (and knew), have came into the close calls with the paranormal. I used to drive almost every night after work, over a bridge from Everett WA, on my way to Granite falls, and see a boy just standing on the other side of the railing.  Looking like he might jump, or just contemplating the scenery around him.  This happened every time I crossed the bridge.  One night while talking to some locals, I overheard a story about the Teen who committed suicide off the slue bridge.  As the conversation continued, I happened to look over and see one of these gents pull up a news article from over ten years ago.  There, as plain as day, was the boy I passed almost every day.  My brain was a little rattled to say the least. As well as my emotional standard. But that honestly, is just a tidbit of my encounter and sightings.  This…is the reason that I firmly have a foothold in the belief that Ghosts are real…clothes or not. There are so many theories out there, and I would like to cover a few here, if the audience doesn’t mind.

Theory One; residual energy:  so, it is somewhat of a fact that energy cannot be dissipated.  It can change, mutate, find different forms, but never be altogether gone. So that leads us to the question…. what happens to our energy when we pass? And pass, by the way, is a very loose term.  I’ll dive into that in another theory, but back to energy.  Ghosts are reputed to follow a pattern. This interested me very early in my days.  I stumbled across a story in 10th grade, of a female apparition gliding through an old part of a farmhouse in Missoula, MT, where she would supposedly “float” through the living room, up the wall to the second floor, and disappear into a coat closet. Curiosity got the best of me, and I decided to dig.  Starting with county records, and real estate records, I discovered the original design of the house in the early 1900’s, where she was reported to be roaming, there was a staircase in the original plans.  A major renovation happened in the 80’s, and the staircase was removed, and much of the original design of the house.  Mystery solved of sorts. The ghostly woman was following the original lay of the house….so…energy? changed or not changed? Manifestations using residual energy to continue to run a pattern, all the while scaring the shit of the “breathing humans” that witness it…  The jury is still out.


Theory Two; Dimensions: It sounds like a broken record, and I have said it time and time again, but we humans are not that smart.  Before I get hate mail, let me elaborate.  Yes, we are more advanced than any other lifeform on this earth.  We have evolved (if you believe in that), over the years, to learn…grow…realize our surroundings, as well as advance ourselves out of the stone age and into what we now know as modern times. Just in the last 200 hundred years, some say we have made more advancement in certain ways than we have in 1000 years. With that being said, we are idiots in our own rights.  We are the only species that ruin our environment, and change and mutate it to fit our needs, not the needs of nature.  We still battle with hate, racism, ignorance, and people picking a “side” rather than picking what’s right, just so they don’t stand out. But I’ll get off the proverbial soap box, and just simply say it like this: we don’t have the whole pie in my opinion.  When it comes to science, and the borderline of science and the unknow, there are studies that have not been proven and have a long way to go, especially when we delve into the possibility of other dimensions. We see things on a three-dimensional level.  What if we have a four dimensional? Or a five? Or we have other dimensions, and/or timelines of sorts, that engage with ours, but we don’t have the knowledge or understanding to realize it?  There was a sighting in 2015 in Foshan China, where there was reported a literal floating city in the sky. It only appeared for a few minutes, but that was enough time to have someone capture it on video.  Some skeptics called this a “Fata Morgana”, a term for an optical illusion in the sky, caused by weather anomalies and bends of light.  Or maybe the possibility of another dimension…let’s say layer…that caught a window of opportunity to pass into our reality.  Whether that is true or not, its still fun to believe.  Better than reality TV if you ask me.  But could this be a legitimate explanation for Specters.  What if they are on another plane or dimension, that sometimes finds an opening to be “stuck” In ours of sorts?  Again, fun to think about.


Theory Three; another form of life?: It still amazes me that every year, there are reports of what new species of animals have been discovered.  Another type of a frog, a spider, and sometimes things much larger, are found every year, hell, sometimes every week.  We still haven’t explored our oceans to the fullest, and due to our climate changing as it is, things are being uncovered in the Antarctic that blows my mind. Earlier this year, a pretty strong article that discussed the possibility that Octopuses could be aliens came out.  As I blurt that out there, let me explain to an extent.  I laughed out loud when I first saw the headline as well. The fact that they look like no other creature on earth, They shoot ink, they can cloak in a way, they have a beak…. the list goes on in the oddity of this infamous sea going creature.  Ideas were thrown out there, wondering if it was possible that microbes from a meteorite survived coming into our atmosphere and crashing in our Oceans waaaaay long ago.  As weird as it sounds, is it plausible? When we think about theories in general, the truth is without theories, we would not be where we are today.  There were theories from 50 years ago that at the time, were laughed at as completely ludicrous. But fast forward to now, those so-called theories have sometimes proven to be accurate, true, and have led us at times to a different door that we had no idea opened into the same house.  So, with that idea planted, what if Ghosts were simply another lifeform? A well held theory that is proven often than not by Paranormal investigators, is that when there is an “encounter” or disturbance, the temperature drops dramatically in the atmosphere, as well as electronics not working properly, batteries rapidly draining, etc.   These are all signs of something “sucking” the energy out of areas.  Life needs energy to survive.  We eat to keep fueled, we drink water naturally to keep alive and hydrated.  We cannot give out energy, until we replenish it, and this is true in all animals.  Why not the same for Ghosts? They survive as a form of life by feeding on what they know and survive and give off energy to be inadvertently seen at times.  Although the reports of people seeing their long-lost grandfather, doesn’t hold in this scenario, so it is entirely possible I’m grasping at straws.

Some people go their whole lives not seeing, or believing in anything supernatural, and they live perfectly fine, albeit boring lives.  My hero/dad, used to say all the time, if you don’t believe in them, you won’t see them.  I tried that theory when I was young for a few years, and realized I was just doomed to live with the fact that no matter what I believed, the paranormal would choose to hitch hike right along with me, through the road of life that I too, am traveling on.  Accept it and move on I suppose. And to loop everything back to the beginning of this rambling of ideas and thoughts of what may be answers, what may be truths proving wrong or right, the answer remains: why do ghost wear clothes?   I honestly don’t fuckin know…. I just needed a clever way to introduce this article.  

Close the gates.