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So we had this crazy idea... When curiosity finally began to tip over the edge, and we became fed up with this judgmental reality where everybody needs to walk and talk the same or your are an outcast in this type of world, it was decided to start Strange Uncles...….. With the constant barrage of shit that gets flung our way every single day, we thought to go at this project bare bones and fist’s raised. We agreed to Speak our mind, be open and honest, and uncover stories that have been told as half truths for years. We are always interested in the story behind the story, and calling out Bullshit and stupid politically correctness as we see fit. We try to be more than just a podcast. We try and be a Captain of our own destiny, overturning what we have been force fed as facts for years, and just because we can’t explain and we don’t have an answer to something, we, as a species, chalk it up as weird, crazy, or crockpot conspiracy theories that have no place in everyday thought. Our logo represents exactly what Strange Uncles is: an explosion of epic proportions, that you can’t help but to laugh at hysterically as the reality around us unravels. So come one and come all to Strange Uncles...Follow us down the rabbit hole and discover a new world where the strange, odd, and eclectic has its own seat at the table. Were not just an idea, but a state of mind....... Please wipe your f**kin feet before you come in and muck it all up.

Open the Gate’s………

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Hotline: (801) 252-69…45 Were ready to believe you!

"And together we run into the whirlwind of chaos and misconception...only to come out on the other side a little less enraged, out of breath, but at peace. We cross our fingers and hope that with any luck, we add a positive outcome to be better humans of this world"

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Hotline: (801) 252-6945

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